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It's nice to meet you! Welcome to my little world of art, photography, and pondering. Throughout my life I have learned that the higher perspective always informs the lower, and that even when the deepest valleys seem to be our experience, just the knowledge of the mountaintop views can elevate our thought and consequently shift our lives into light. I can only hope that the art and writing I do reflects the higher view, expressed through painting, photography, graphic design and my writing. I look to deeply understand concepts such as hope, imagination, love and transformation.

When I paint, I work to discover the core of a concept or unearth the answer to a question I have. My paintings become conversations with the colors and an exercise of surrender in getting out of the way of Soul's expression. Check out my work here.

2017-11-09 20.46.20_edited.jpg

Through the lens I seek to inspire and encourage the true essence of people to emerge.  When who we think we need to be gives room to who we truly deeply are, there is a visible change. When I photograph people or events, I work to capture the atmosphere; I want them to feel seen, comfortable and free. See my full portfolio here.

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