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Lets do this!

I want to capture you when you feel free, loved and spiritually whole. The thought of a photoshoot often makes people feel tense and it is my job to bring out your most natural and sparkling individuality and make you see it.

I have done portraits, events, maternity shoots, engagements, weddings and am feeling open and adventurous for new ideas.

I am based in Berlin, but happy to travel. If you need inspirations with location, ask me.


Photoshoot Session

90€/hour and 400€/day; plus travel and editing**

Please talk to me if these prices don't work for you and we can figure something out


For the best experience and coverage, I suggest booking two photographers. For me and a second shooter the day from morning til night would be 1200€. If your wedding is rather small, or you want to do elopement photos traveling, the price is of course different.

Longer events (Conferences, Projects)

Generally, I work out prices with whoever I am working with, in case I work for a conference for longer than a day

Creative Projects

Depending on the project; I would love to collaborate with other artists on artistic projects for free.

**On all prices, I'll add costs for traveling (10€/hour) and editing (10€/photo)


Totally for free! Contact me, let me know! I love exploring the vast ocean of creative fields!

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